Corporate Overview

Since its founding in 1954, Nipro Corporation has strived to realize its management philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities. Nipro has expanded the scope of its business from glass materials to medical devices and pharmaceutical products in pursuit of technological innovation.

In addition to Nipro branded products, we also provide OEM capabilities – designing and producing custom and private label products for some of the largest healthcare brands in the world.


Nipro has 32 manufacturing facilities globally and comprehensive capabilities in medical device design and production.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, our global team of more than 23,000 dedicated staffs are working towards our mission – delivering products that will enhance and improve the lives of people with chronic diseases.

About Us

Nipro Asia Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nipro Corporation, established in 1997 in Singapore. Today, we offer a diverse portfolio of quality medical devices and contribute to “quality of life” of over 720 million people in our responsible design.